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Core Maths

What is Core Maths?

Core Maths is a level 3 qualification designed to better prepare students for the mathematical demands of study, employment and life.

Who is it for and why should I study Core Maths?

It is aimed at students who have passed GCSE mathematics at level 4 or above but have decided not to study A Level Mathematics or A level Statistics. It builds upon and strengthens existing skills and focuses on using and applying mathematics to solve problems relevant to everyday life. It will also help with other A Level subjects – in particular with biology, geography, psychology, environmental science and economics.

Compulsory content covers the analysis of data (data collection, calculation of statistics such as mean and standard deviation, statistical diagrams), personal finance, estimation, fermi estimation and use of spreadsheets. There is greater focus on statistical methods, for example, topics such as chi-squared tests, Spearman’s rank correlation, standard deviation and sampling are all topics that students will need in their other subjects

At the end of the course students will sit two exams of equal demand that are 2 hours long.

In a situation where a student has not met the minimum GCSE maths requirement, some universities may accept the Core Maths qualification instead. The universities welcome and recognise the value of the Level 3 Core Mathematics qualification. It has been endorsed by the Russell Group universities.
Universities have also lowered entry requirements on one of the A levels, i.e. if a student needed AAB and studied Core Maths alongside but their results were ABB, the university has accepted them due to the extra Core Maths qualification.
The Core Maths qualifications are equivalent to AS Levels in terms of UCAS points, attracting up to 20 UCAS points in the new tariff.

Watch a video to hear what students studying a range of different courses outline the benefits they have found in studying Core Maths.

WHY MATHS Core Maths – Just do it! – YouTube video