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Core RE

Core RE LessonCore Religious Education at Aquinas College plays a key role in maintaining our unique identity, the course underpins the College’s mission statement and enables students to understand and experience the Gospel values expressed within that statement

Catholic Religious Education is ‘a clear educational project of which Christ is the foundation.’ In the person of Christ, the deepest meaning of what it is to be human is discovered. Our Core Religious Education helps students to know and experience the meaning of this revelation in their own life and the life of the community which is the Church. Hence ‘the promotion of the human person is the goal of the Catholic college.’

The ethos of the college is undoubtedly strengthened by the quality of the course and the opportunities it presents Aquinas students with. These opportunities are both spiritual and academic. Core RE fulfils a central part of the College’s mission by encouraging students to take a questioning stance towards the values of our increasingly secular society. Lessons present students with the opportunity for reflection and introspection. Aquinas College is a Catholic college for the whole community. Consequently, the programme is concentrated on engaging all students, from all social and religious backgrounds, with issues and discussions that allow them to express and consider their views in such a way that they might experience personal and spiritual growth.

Core RE stands apart from the College curriculum in many ways, not only in terms of its focus but in terms of its delivery; a major strength of the course is that it is providing pupils with a dynamic and relevant curriculum without the sole focus of academic success and assessment. The course aims to educate students in the formation of virtues and we believe that this understanding will help them to become good people who lead good lives. This being said, the course is highly academic developing skills which are valued by both universities and employers. Throughout the course students’ analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills will all be developed and in completing reflections throughout the course, students will develop their ability to think objectively and to self-assess.

Core RE is integral to the personal development of all Aquinas students. The College’s mission is the education of the person as a whole – “I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10) – and the Core RE programme enriches the experience of all students and the Catholic life of the College.